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One in 110 children today is diagnosed with autism. For all the children and families in Howard County that are affected by this disorder – and all those who will be – the time to act is now. The Howard County Chapter of the Autism Society of America is a non-profit, tax-exempt charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Tax Code. All donations are tax deductible.

Individual Contributions

We rely on individual contributions to help fund our mission of advocacy and promotion of public awareness.  Your generous contribution will be used to respond to the immediate needs of the organization.  To make a secure online donation by credit card to the Howard County Chapter of the Autism Society of America please click here to use our secure online donation process

If you prefer to make a donation by check, please mail your donation to: The Howard County Autism Society, 10280 Old Columbia Rd, Suite 215, Columbia, MD, 21046.

Become a Giving Partner of the Autism Society

The Howard County Autism Society’s most loyal donors are its Giving Partners, who commit to donating a fixed amount of money per month by automatic credit card payment.  Your gift will be automatically deducted from your credit card each month. A commitment to give at least $20.00 per month, for at least one year, is the minimum requirement to become a Giving Partner. It’s easy.  To become a Giving Partner, please make your first monthly donation through our secure online donation process, and contact us at to establish the automatic monthly credit card donation.

Honorary and Memorial Contributions

Many people choose to make larger contributions in honor of a loved one, or to memorialize a loved one who has passed.  We gratefully accept memorial and honorary contributions, and will be pleased to recognize such contributions in various ways.  These contributions honor your loved one and also provide a legacy of meaningful support to the individuals and families served by the Howard County Autism Society.  For more information about making an honorary or memorial contribution, please contact us at  If you prefer to make the donation anonymously by credit card you may do so using our secure online donation process.

Planned Giving

By making a planned gift you can provide income and other financial benefits to yourself and your family while supporting the Autism Society of Howard County.  Planned giving can include:

  Bequests
You can designate the Howard County Chapter of the Autism Society of America as a beneficiary in your will.

  Charitable Trusts
Trusts allow donors to make a charitable donation, receive a tax deduction, and receive income for life or a lump sum payout for themselves or their designated beneficiary.

  Life Insurance
Individuals may designate Howard County Chapter of the Autism Society of America as a beneficiary of their life insurance policies.

  Retirement Plans
Individuals may donate all or part of an IRA, receive a tax deduction, and avoid income tax on the gift amount. All or part of one’s personal retirement fund can also be donated with a reduction in, or elimination of, associated estate taxes. 

   Appreciated Assets
Stock, land, or other property that has appreciated in value can be donated with a tax deduction for the current fair market value of the asset and avoidance of some or all capital gains taxes.

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The Howard County Autism Society

10280 Old Columbia Rd, Suite 215

Columbia, MD 21046

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