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Ellicott City Flooding Affects Longtime HCAS Supporter, Craig Coyne Jewelers

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Ellicott City Flooding Affects at Craig Coyne Jewelers
The devastating flooding that occurred last Saturday, July 30, 2016, affected a longtime HCAS supporter, Sam Coyne and his business, Craig Coyne Jewelers. Many of you may recall Sam was recognized as the Howard County Autism Society’s 2014 Community Partner Award winner for the unique efforts he extended to partner with HCAS to raise both awareness and funds to
support Howard County’s autism community. Sam not only designed a one of a kind necklace featuring the autism puzzle piece (seen below) but also hosted several fundraising events in his Ellicott City store.
In the aftermath of the devastation in Ellicott City, many are looking for a way to help.  And while emotional support is great, at the end of the day, small business owners will be without income for longer than anyone wants to even imagine. Please take the time to read some of Sam’s words about the flood and aftermath in the link and note, he’s still thinking of others. If you are able to help him here, please do. And if you are able to support his store later, please do that as well.
Custom Autism Necklace