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HCAS General Support Group

Representatives from Pathfinders for Autism, Autism Speaks and the Maryland Association of Behavior Analysts will discuss recent changes to autism insurance laws in Maryland and the implementation process ahead.

Topics covered to include:

  • What are Habilitative Services
  • The NEW ABA Regulation – WHAT is it and WHO is covered by the law
  • Next steps in the Board Certified Behavior Analysts licensure process
  • Question & Answers

The presentation is geared towards people covered by policies regulated under Maryland law, including people covered by Individual and Fully Funded Plans purchased in Maryland, Plans purchased on the Maryland Health Benefits Exchange, and Maryland State Employee Health Plans.

The new law does not apply to Employer Self-funded Plans (Self Insured Plans), Federal Employee Health Plans, Medicaid or Military Health Plans. However, relevant information will be offered to individuals covered by these plans.

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