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Transitioning Youth/Adults Support Group Meeting

The Howard County Office of Service Coordination, Inc. provides case management services to people with disabilities in ways that respect their dignity and rights. William Webster, who will be presenting to us, is the Supervisor of Service Coordination, and has had several years of experience helping people successfully transition from the educational system to adult services. Wednesday, May 14, 7-9pm:

Planning With Your Service Coordinator
A Service Coordinator can assist the student and family with transition planning and is also the person that would help a student go through the process to access funding under the Developmental Disabilities Administration.

As part of the discussion and planning process with your Service Coordinator, you may be provided with a variety of resources pertinent to the county in which you live, as well as other regional, state or national resources. This may include information about employment, government benefits, advocacy, college, health insurance, housing, futures and estates planning, recreation, transportation, and so much more. The information is tailored to address each person’s individualized planning.

Topics include:

  • The role of Service Coordination
  • Changes to Resource Coordination Services
  • Changes to DDA Services
  • Services and Supports to consider in planning
  • Self-directed Services

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